The Best Moving Short Cuts

When it comes to moving, whether a short distance away or across the country, a bit of packing has to be done. Love it or hate it, it’s necessary, and thankfully there are countless methods to make the process a bit easier on you. Apply a few tricks and soon you’ll be able to pack like a machine no matter what happens.

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First, it might seem counter-intuitive, but pack larger boxes with light items, and smaller boxes with heavier items. No one wants to lift a box that weighs 100 pounds, and it’s much easier to lift a smaller box that you can actually fit your arms around, even if it is heavy.

Also, be sure to label each box with some type of identifier, whether it’s a sticker, color, or worded label. You’ll need to know what is in every single box, that way packing can be made easier. If you’ve got items you need on day one, then pack them in a separate container and keep that container with you during the move.

Using garbage bags for soft items such as blankets or towels also allows for them to stack without squishing or folding under pressure. Plus, bags can do things rigid boxes can’t, making them easier to fit in a truck.

Finally, be sure to take larger items apart and organize them so they can be reassembled at the new place. Desks, drawers, and other items can also be kept full. While it’s another tip that might seem counter-intuitive, you’ll be able to use them as large carriers and won’t have to waste space pulling out all the clothes and packing them separately.

If you need any help, don’t be afraid to ask local raleigh movers for advice and packing tips to keep your packing time light and your move going smoothly!