Store These Items & More in a Self Storage Unit

Self storage units make storing belongings simple. But, exactly what type of belongings can be stored inside a self-storage unit? The sky’s the limit as far as storage units are concerned. If it doesn’t breathe or explode, storing the items inside of a storage unit is usually acceptable. Some of the most common uses for self-storage can be found below, but bear in mind there is an endless list of reasons to use self-storage for your storage solution needs.


Moving is a big event. Many people take advantage of the space offered from a storage facility during the process because it simplifies things considerably. It’s easy to store a small apartment or large home contents inside of a storage unit and with climate-controlled options also available, there is little risk of damage.

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Estate Items

If you’ve been left in charge of handling an estate, what do you do with the items that did not sell at the event or that you’ve inherited when your home and garage both are already full? You turn to Self-storage las vegas nv of course. Locked, secured units ensure these items are protected and safe until you can make other arrangements.


Are you an antique collector? Store these items inside of a storage unit to keep them safe until you have space for them in your home or until your other purposes are met. Many people use storage units to store antiques.

Musical Instruments

Speakers, guitars, amps, pianos, and many other musical instruments are used and enjoyed by many people, but often require too much space in a home. Luckily, self-storage provides the perfect solution for all your musical instrument storage needs.

Storage units come in handy when space is unavailable but needed for the purposes above and so many others. When there isn’t enough space in the home, find a storage unit to accommodate your needs.